What comes after Sustainability? Resilience?

According to Rob Hopkins of the Transition Movement, and following David Holmgren, the co-creator of the permaculture concept, sustainability is not enough and we need to move beyond it. But what comes after sustainability? The answer, it seems, is: resilience. How successful has the paradigm of sustainability been at achieving its aims? It makes an … Continue reading What comes after Sustainability? Resilience?

Cultural Theory in 2019

When Mary Douglas published her groundbreaking work, Natural Symbols in 1970, journals of anthropology, sociology and philosophy reviewed it. Although Douglas was an anthropologist, her work had implications well beyond that single discipline. Chapter 4 of the book, 'Grid and group' summarised an approach to social analysis that has been greatly extended and widely adopted … Continue reading Cultural Theory in 2019

Loving Nostalgia

https://www.psychologicalscience.org/news/conservatives-love-of-nostalgia-can-be-used-to-promote-liberal-values.html http://psycnet.apa.org/record/2018-00810-001 Conservatives appear to be more receptive to liberal ideas when they are associated with the past. Conversely, though, liberals do not appear receptive to conservative ideas when they are associated with the future. The abstract concludes : "A large portion of the political disagreement between conservatives and liberals appears to be disagreement over … Continue reading Loving Nostalgia