Why are people so conflicted about the right response to the pandemic?

Is there a cultural theory perspective on the COVID pandemic of 2020-21? Of course there is:

Davy, Benjamin. “Social Distancing and Cultural Bias: On the Spatiality of COVID-19.” Journal of the American Planning Association 87, no. 2 (2021): 159-166. https://doi.org/10.1080/01944363.2020.1824617

3 thoughts on “Why are people so conflicted about the right response to the pandemic?

  1. Sorry to plant this here but obviously Cultural Theory has a lot to say about the Putin Ukraine conflict, so I went back to it, as I have many times in my life. I came across A HISTORY OF GRID AND GROUP CULTURAL THEORY which Mary Douglas must have given as the first in a series of lectures.
    She closes it, “The second lecture will be about grid-group and the problems of sects.”
    Any idea where that second lecture might be?
    The first lecture contains this, “If a sectarian Enclave is never allowed to publish its dissident views, it will make itself heard by violent attacks on its enemies; a counter-attack from the latter will rally the members of the excluded culture.”
    We corresponded about ten years ago when I wrote a piece on cricket and CT.

  2. Really kind, thank you for your efforts.
    Thought the first lecture was a really good introduction.
    Trust you are keeping well.

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