Characterising the Open Source Movement: It’s not the ‘new socialism’

Just as I reach the end of reading Rebel Code by Glyn Moody , a riveting (to my mind) early history of GNU/Linux (subtitled Linux and the Open Source Revolution), Kevin Kelly’s article in Wired mag comes to my attention. Kelly claims the open source movement is ‘the new socialism’.

No, it isn’t.

For example, there is no way on God’s earth that Continue reading “Characterising the Open Source Movement: It’s not the ‘new socialism’”


Sucks so hard it blows…

ubunchu-extractNever thought I’d find a use for that phrase, but a certain (unco-)operating system has given me the perfect excuse. I think we all know what I’m talking about. In fact it sucks so much I’m finally going to give the new Ubuntu a serious try. Having used Knoppix before to resurrect a dead PC and finding it worked a treat, Linux does not scare me, oh no…