Samuel Bowles on economic inequality as a policy option Prof Sam Bowles has a couple of books that compliment the work of Richard Sennett on cooperation - one published in 2011, the other due later in 2012. Whereas Sennett takes a sociological approach, Bowles focuses on economics. In particular he has done some interesting work on computer modelling of property rights.

Only Discriminate – four versions of justice

"We do not support the notion of discrimination. But you have to distinguish between people." These were the words of the Archbishop of Westminster in response to the Pope’s comments on the proposed equality legislation in the UK (reported by the Guardian). Note the slipperiness of language. In its non-pejorative sense, discrimination does mean distinguishing … Continue reading Only Discriminate – four versions of justice

Can Education reform cope with competing visions of fairness?

There has been some discussion recently about social mobility and parental school choice. This arose, in part, from a UK report on how to improve ‘fair access to the professions’. The problem with almost all such reports and many such debates is that they assume we all agree on what counts as ‘fair’, that we … Continue reading Can Education reform cope with competing visions of fairness?

Why aren’t we all Egalitarians?

It appears there are not as many Egalitarians in the UK as New Labour might like to think. Research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, commissioned by the Fabian Society, seems to show that people in England aren’t particularly keen on equality. They think high income earners deserve their level of wealth, and conversely, low income … Continue reading Why aren’t we all Egalitarians?