Discriminate for a better, fairer world!

Sydney auxiliary Bishop Julian Porteous on the virtue of discrimination. Fourcultures has written on this line of thought before -  only discriminate: four versions of justice A Hierarchical world view laments the good old days when discrimination was  a virtue not a vice, since discrimination, so it is argued, is the very important act of … Continue reading Discriminate for a better, fairer world!

The Ethics of Autonomous robots

Further to a recent post about the ethics of autonomous robots, it seems military robots are not the only kind that can kill, allbeit by 'mistake'. In Japan there are already robots that feed the elderly and baby-sitting robots in shopping centres. So who exactly should be held responsible when they go wrong? It's an … Continue reading The Ethics of Autonomous robots

Beware – Dangerous Robots!

Dan Kahan of the Cultural Cognition Project has been thinking about the possible ways of reacting to robots that kill. It's a relatively new set of technologies, but what happens when AI merges with weaponry to produce robots that want to kill you? He thinks the arguments could go in several ways and I tend … Continue reading Beware – Dangerous Robots!

The Four Cultures of Marketing Ethics

Marketing, whether of a product or an idea, can be overt or it can be covert. In the former everyone can see what's happening and can willingly consent to it. The latter, though  can become out and out manipulation. Mostly, there's a big grey area in between. There's been some popular discussion of this issue … Continue reading The Four Cultures of Marketing Ethics

How important is ‘belief’? Three questions and a tentative answer

A while back Rabbi Jonathan Romain wrote thoughtfully on some Jewish approaches to the existence or non-existence of God. The heading of this article is ‘Jews don’t have to believe – if they do what he says’. And clearly this needs a little unpacking. It may make a certain sort of sense to ‘do what … Continue reading How important is ‘belief’? Three questions and a tentative answer