Half the cheese or double the cheese? Why not have both?

Health experts warn against the excessive consumption of saturated fats. At the same time industry marketing groups come up with novel campaigns to increase consumption. The role of government, often, is to mediate between these two contrasting positions.

The New York Times reports on a great example in which the same government department promotes cheese consumption and at the same time sends out messages against cheese consumption.

This would appear non-sensical or counter-productive. But from the perspective of a Hierarchical bureaucracy there isn’t really a contradiction. After all, cheese consumption has been promoted in both directions. The more promotion the better, surely…

In some respects this is similar to what government does with tobacco: warn against it but take the tax revenue.

See: The four cultures of marketing ethics

One thought on “Half the cheese or double the cheese? Why not have both?

  1. There’s also an economical reason for this in general. I remember on an episode of Now With Bill Moyers a Columbian guest was talking about how the United States funds both the war on drugs (catching drug smugglers for exampple) through the government, as well as the drug market through public demand. I came to the idea that both the Health Food/diet/medical industries and the fast food/snack food industries benefit from the obesity epidemic. Mc-Conalds , resaurants, and the mainstream “junk food” industry make money saling their products. The HMOs, insurrance companies, diet plans, health food stores, etc also make money treating the obesity. The patients themselves end up being caught in the middle, (yo-yo dieting.)

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