Does Cultural Theory predict its own rejection?

Commenter 'riskviews' recently suggested: I would guess that Grid-Group Theory would predict that it would not itself be widely accepted. In fact, I belive that if it WERE widely accepted, then that would prove it false. There are a few possible responses to this interesting proposition. First, riskviews could be right. Cultural theory has been explored in … Continue reading Does Cultural Theory predict its own rejection?

Levi-Strauss for the masses?

I've been enjoying Logicomix, a graphic novel about the quest of Bertrand Russell for the logical foundations of mathematics. So it was with delight that I stumbled upon a Claude Levi-Strauss comic in the Financial Times, produced by the same team of writers and artists - Apostolos Doxiadis, Alecos Papadatos and Annie Di Donna. I'm … Continue reading Levi-Strauss for the masses?

The meaning of culture

When Glasgow won the honour of hosting the 1990 European City of Culture festival the joke was, Culture? Isn't that what we've got growing on our walls? (from memory,  this was Rab C Nesbitt's contribution). It wasn't far off the mark though. I interviewed an amazing woman, Cathy McCormack, who had successfully campaigned for a … Continue reading The meaning of culture

Why do we disagree about Climate Change?

In his foreword to a recent collection on the social construction of climate change, Nicholas Onuf writes: 'As a social constructon, climate change is no one thing. Instead it is an ensemble of constitutive processes, yielding an ever changing panoply of agents and insitutions, fixed in place only for the moment.' Mary E Pettenger (ed) … Continue reading Why do we disagree about Climate Change?