Why do we disagree about Climate Change?

In his foreword to a recent collection on the social construction of climate change, Nicholas Onuf writes: 'As a social constructon, climate change is no one thing. Instead it is an ensemble of constitutive processes, yielding an ever changing panoply of agents and insitutions, fixed in place only for the moment.' Mary E Pettenger (ed) … Continue reading Why do we disagree about Climate Change?

Fatalism in America today

I'm still thinking about fatalism as one of the four cultures of Grid-group cultural theory. Even in the United States, whose mascot is Lady Liberty, not Lady Luck, and don't we all know it, there is clear evidence of fatalist activism. Nassim Taleb and the 'epistemic arrogance' of anti-fatalists Nassim Taleb is certainly a man … Continue reading Fatalism in America today