Cultural Theory and Planning

Thomas Hartmann writes in the journal Planning Theory on wicked problems and clumsy solutions in planning. Thomas Hartmann, 2012. Wicked problems and clumsy solutions: Planning as expectation management. Planning Theory August 2012 vol. 11 no. 3 242-256 Abstract In 1973, Horst W Rittel and Malvin A Webber introduced the term ‘wicked problem’ in planning theory. They … Continue reading Cultural Theory and Planning

Eating less meat?

“Our thinking has created problems which cannot be solved by that same level of thinking," (Attributed to Albert Einstein in Leonard D. Goodstein and J. William Pfeiffer, eds, The 1985 Annual: Developing Human Resources, Issue 14 New York: John Wiley & Sons, p. 185) What you think about why I don’t eat meat is culturally … Continue reading Eating less meat?

Does Cultural Theory predict its own rejection?

Commenter 'riskviews' recently suggested: I would guess that Grid-Group Theory would predict that it would not itself be widely accepted. In fact, I belive that if it WERE widely accepted, then that would prove it false. There are a few possible responses to this interesting proposition. First, riskviews could be right. Cultural theory has been explored in … Continue reading Does Cultural Theory predict its own rejection?